We are thrilled you would like to join the STYLETAILS LUXE PET GUIDE. Our aim is to deliver a curated list of the very best dog friendly boutique hotels and establishments to our readers (they are fussy dog lovers after all!). So before you join us, please read through the requirements below to make sure your business is the right fit.

We reserve the right to reject listings that do not meet the below criteria. If your listing is rejected we will provide you with a full refund.


By submitting your application to be listed in the STYLETAILS LUXE PET GUIDE you confirm that:

  • You are a dog friendly establishment
  • Your establishment has the necessary facilities to accommodate dogs
  • Your staff are aware of your dog friendly policy and owners with dogs will be welcomed, providing their dog is well behaved and adheres to your dog friendly policies
  • For cafes & restaurants, dogs are allowed inside with their owners – outside dining for dogs does not qualify as dog friendly
  • For hotels, dogs are allowed to enter the establishment through the main entrances
  • You provide some comforts for pets – eg. dog treats, bowls of water, beds etc.
  • You do not have numerous negative reviews about your establishment on other websites, especially with regards to your ‘dog friendliness’
  • Your establishment, including the venue, food, drinks, service and facilities on offer are of an exceptional standard


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  • In a manner that causes an unreasonably large burden on the website’s technical infrastructure as determined by us; or
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Your submission to the STYLETAILS LUXE PET GUIDE will be reviewed before it is published.

After your material is published on the website, you continue to own that material, and you continue to have the right to use your material in any way you choose.

Please choose carefully any information you post on the website, as it will be available for public viewing. By providing any material to the website you confirm that:

Your material is your own original work or you are authorised to provide it to the website;

Your material is not defamatory (that is, it does not damage someone’s good reputation), does not take away or affect any other person’s privacy rights, copyright, contract rights or any other rights, and does not otherwise break any laws of England and Wales, or any other jurisdiction; and

That you have the right to give us permission to use it for the purposes specified above.

You acknowledge that we do not have a duty to publish any material you have provided. We have the right to:

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We will usually display your name with your material on the website, unless you ask us not to (as long as it is possible to do this). We may need to contact you for administrative purposes or to make checks on your material. For full details of when and how we may contact you, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you do not want to grant us the permission set out above on these terms, please do not provide any material to the website.


The prices and the terms of payment for a listing and entry in the STYLETAILS LUXE PET GUIDE are displayed at all times on this website, on the “List Your Dog Friendly Business” page. Payments will be processed through our website. Pre-launch bookings and customised packages will be invoiced and can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.


Unless we have been notified of changes to the advertiser’s subscription to the Luxe Pet Guide, advertisers will be automatically renewed on an annual basis, on the first day of the new billing year. Advertisers will be sent a reminder email before their subscription renewal date, allowing them the opportunity to change or cancel their subscription.


Advertisers can cancel their subscription at any time by contacting us, with termination taking effect from the end of the validity period covered by the last annual payment made. For instances where a subscriber requires a listing to be removed immediately, please contact us. No refunds will be given for any remaining subscription period.